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Business set-up solutions and development all in one place for youb life and business harmony
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FuuZzi - Business solutions for parents

Helping Fathers and Mothers manage the business they have or want to create without losing their minds and manage their time, money and childcare.

Turn passion into new business, turn your hobby into profit.

FuuZzi helps with all the processes of starting a business, from business and financial planning to homework and family problem solving to becoming a small business owner working from home and earning an independent income for your family, business and your personal goals.
All-in-one business set-up

3 weeks | 6 meeting’s |£150

Option 1. Business plan review, logo design + company name with a slogan or,

Option 2. Business card design, basic website + 1 advertising video.

Ideal for people who are just starting out or have an idea for a business.

Advertising & promotional materials

3 weeks | 6 meeting’s |£150

Ordering and designing promotional materials e.g. calendars, leaflets design, toys, personalized gifts etc. depending on your needs.

business development from 6 to 10 weeks 

6-10 week’s| 12-20 meeting’s |£320-£450

Option 1 + Option 2 + 24/7 consultancy, 6 to 10 problem solving sessions.

Time and budget management, improving communication skills and advertising. We meet twice a week for 30 minutes each and make the necessary improvements to grow your business, including a business plan, marketing plan and promotional materials.

Personal Goals 1 to 10 weeks

24/7 | 60 min long |£60

Analysis of the household budget for savings, time management for parents and children, family calendar, tools to make life easier, how best to identify and write down priorities, analysis of spending and personal needs.

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Our Best Specialists

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Our team
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The emergency meeting is; 1 hour long, taking a place via e-mail or call and can be booked by the same way or via SMS. Can be booked to solve a business-related issue or, more personal problem, as a family issue or emotional disaster. 

This is unique 24/7 support quick, easy and transparent advice. 60£ each With no hiding costs.

coffee time with fuuzzi wypij kawe i poszukajmy  rozwiązań Twoich problemów
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At your first FREE meeting, we make every effort to understand the cause of the problem and what steps should be taken to find the best possible solution.
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Superheros from FuuZzi company can solve your worries / Super bohaterowie  chcą Ci pomóc rozwiązać Twoje problemy

Relax, there is free delivery to your sofa;

- ​In writing
​- By call 

- Video call

- Free webinars
​- All popular app

Feel safe, it's fully confidential;

- ​For you

- Your company
​- Your idea's
​- Your family

- Your partner

I am with you, this is unique 24/7 support;

- ​Individual 1-2-1 problem-solving 
​- Practical support & on going tips
​- Quick, easy and transparent

- No hidden costs, no costs upfront

- Anytime cancelation